The Witness – February 8-14, 2015

Responsibility, Privilege, and Challenge Lead to Victory

We are embarking on the riskiest, most uncomfortable and challenging action that this congregation has attempted in a generation or two or three.

We are moving to our new campus, the Ridge on Walnut Lane. Having petitioned God through prayer, and meditation, and study, and waiting and trusting, God has led us to the place where we will be worshiping in exactly 8 weeks – April 5, 2015!

Along with all the preparations, excitement, and hope comes the responsibilityprivilege, and challenge of paying for it.

I had a non-member/non-attender come to me two weeks ago and gave me a check because they wanted a part of the blessing. They considered it a privilege to give.

Since God has called us to this place, God has also commanded us to make the necessary financial decisions in our own households, to step up and pay down this debt, as well as, expand the ministry of Walnut Street Baptist Church.

This is a radical time it calls for radical actions.

Over the next three Sundays I will be bringing a series of messages addressing the responsibility, privilege and challenge before us that lead to victory.

Please join me Sunday as we journey to a new beginning!

We Labor Together With God,  Wes

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