The Witness – February 15-21, 2015

From the Archives of Walnut Street Baptist Church – 1948

On the back page of this issue of the bulletin appears our church budget for the year 1949. Keep it for future reference and study it carefully. It is, as it should be, by far the largest budget ever attempted by the church. You will note that the amount necessary each week will be $469.06, This budget is $3,749.00 in excess of our last year’s budget and is actually $1,270.00, more than what was contributed last year for these same causes.

It is a fine challenge for our people. This pastor has always believed that churches should make programs large enough to necessitate the Lord’s interest. As long as we undertake only what seems easily possible we have little right to expect help from above. God is ready to help those who dare to undertake the impossible and the difficult in His name.

The solution, of course, for all of our financial problems, religious and personal, is to be honest with God and bring the whole tithe into the storehouse.

It is amusing and pathetic to hear some people speak of tithing. Not long ago a young business man said, “If all of your church members would tithe even three percent of their income you would soon have enough money to build your new church building.” The amusing and pathetic part of his remark was “tithe 3%.” Every informed person knows that the tithe is TEN PERCENT. It appears that there is room yet for a great deal of teaching along the line of stewardship. – C. H. Warren

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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