The Passion of Decaying Teeth Restored

So, I followed the technician into the room where the dentist and his assistant were involved in a very active conversation. As I entered Doc called me over and without missing a beat, the conversation continued with me included.

I was there to get a temporary cap (or crown) replaced with a permanent one. The Doc instead, called my attention to a series of tooth x-rays (high quality and in color) that he had been working on and pointed out, that due to this NEW polymer a tooth could be almost fully restored to its original quality, while leaving much of the good part of the tooth intact. The pictures he showed me were from the before, after, and during mode. I’m not gonna lie, pictures of decaying teeth are not very appealing. Even the splendor of the restored tooth, while very magnificent still did little to change my impression of the whole conversation.

However, what did strike me was the dentist’s great passion for fixing teeth. His great passion for helping his patients experience the best dental care possible. His passion for restoring what was truly unsalvageable to such a pristine condition.

This Sunday morning Josh Hunt will share with us his passion for doubling groups and reaching people with the gospel through small groups. I pray that we will grasp his passion for seeing the gospel restore life to people whose lives seem to be unsalvageable. May we have a greater passion for the gospel and its ability to provide us with the best life possible. I can’t wait!

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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