Thankful For our Small Group Leaders

Our small group leaders are the mainstay of our congregation. No one person could do all that they do. They are valuable to the growth of The Ridge Church. Not just numerically but spiritually as well. We will honor our small group leaders with a banquet on Saturday, February 24 and recognize them on Sunday, February 25.

Just think about it —

  • They consistently attend small group and worship weekly, which is an
    encouragement to all who attend.
  • They are committed to preparing a weekly plan to enable biblical learning regardless of the number present.
  • They are dedicated to the people they teach through prayers, visits, and weekly contacts. When someone is missing in worship or small group, I am confident that their small group leader will be in contact during week.
  • They support and promote the plan and vision of the church. They join with the
    pastor and the leadership team in following the direction that God is leading.
  • They spend their own money, time and other treasure as they see needs in their class.
  • They are committed to supporting the other ministries of the Ridge Church through the giving of their tithes and offerings.
  • They arrive early and prepare the learning area, keeping it fresh and welcoming each week.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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