Preparing for Easter

Easter is less than 4 weeks away! While we live in a culture that is majority unchurched today, there is still an openness to faith and connecting with a church. The key is a personal invitation.

Recent studies have indicated that 48% of the unchurched said they would attend if someone personally invited them. There is no easier, better, or greater time to extend an invitation than Easter Sunday.

Most people have an inclination to attend on Easter. Where they attend is often determined by who they know and who invites them. Would you begin to pray for 3 specific people or families you will invite to attend on Easter, April 1?

To assist you in making that invitation easier, be sure to pick up several “Come Alive” brochures to give, as you invite. They are at the Information Center.

The schedule for Easter Sunday is:
7 AM Sunrise Worship at the Pavilion.
If possible, bring fresh cut flowers. Breakfast following
9 AM Small groups/Sunday School
10:15 AM Morning Worship: Choir will present “Blessed Redeemer”

We Labor Together With God, Wes

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