Enjoy and Be Prepared

What a beautiful morning #OnTheRidge! That large glowing object in the sky is the sun! As I walked into the building, the geese were taking off from the lake. The picture was priceless.

Let me encourage you to enjoy The Ridge Campus. The lake is the home of roaming flocks of geese, some ducks and even a swan or two. Come out and enjoy the scenery. Bring your lunch. Picnic tables have been added at the pavilion.

The fishing is always good, so I am told. Not an angler? What could be better than kayaking all afternoon?

The kids will enjoy the playground as you absorb the warm sun and a few pages of your favorite book. The prayer garden is close by. It too has a beautiful view of the lake and is conducive for meditation and prayer.


Let me change the subject and share with you some recent tools that have been added to assist everyone in preparation for small groups on Sunday. Of course the Sunday School quarterly is the ol’ standby. It is now available digitally if you would like to study the weekly topic from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

In addition, a weekly study guide is available on the YouVersion Bible app, simply click on “events” and look for The Ridge Event. Also, I prepare a weekly discussion guide and it is available usually on Mondays, by email. It is certainly true that when all of us are prepared we have better class discussion. These are all available whether you attend small groups or not. Just let me know.

We Labor Together With God,