Do I Look Like a Nut?

I remember a certain presidential election. It must have been 1968. My folks were really passionate about supporting a particular candidate that year. Since Rhode Island has only 4 electoral votes it is hardly worth a candidate’s time and effort to visit. Instead aspiring candidates would often hold a rally and send a surrogate to pump up the base. That was the case in this election.

My mom and dad attended the rally along with a roomful of others as well as the reporter and photographer for the Providence Journal newspaper. The reporter was looking for a key quote or sound bite as a title to frame his story. The photographer, I assume, was looking for that candid shot to bring writer, story, and reader together.

The next morning as my dad was recounting the night’s events he opened up the newspaper and there on the front page in bold type was the eye catching quote of the speaker, “Do I look like a nut?” followed by a larger than life photo focused on my mom and dad. Hmmmm …

In our celebration of Christmas we remember God’s promises of hope, love, joy, and peace. I think it takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith to come together week after week in search of hope, love, joy, and peace. We look around at this broken world; at the violence, the poverty and wonder whether it will ever become a reality. Do we look like nuts? Hmmmm … In this season of Advent, as we move toward the miracle of Christmas, let’s proclaim our crazy faith in the God of hope, peace, joy, and love.

See you Sunday!



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