Children in Worship

I was asked whether young children would be welcome at the Maundy Thursday service. I quickly responded in the affirmative.  I did say that it was a Lord’s Supper service and that the children might feel left out when it came time to participate in the elements. That did not seem to be an issue.

The more I thought about children being in worship, even in formal services, the more convinced I became that not only was it ok but it should be encouraged.

Yes! Little ones should be encouraged to remain in the worship service. What about distractions when they make noise? Is it not disturbing to the people around them and doesn’t it interrupt the flow of the service and the worship experience?

My response is, when one considers how often cell phones ring, adults get up and move around, and the almost deafening adult chatter as we prepare for worship each week, a few cries, whimpers and liveliness by a child pales in comparison.

One of the many benefits of children in worship is the questions they ask on
the way home. What a natural way to discuss the meaning of the Lord’s supper, salvation, baptism, church membership, and what it means to be a  follower
of Jesus.

There’s nothing magical about remaining focused on worship in the midst of distractions. Worship doesn’t require perfect surroundings. It simply requires God and believers — adoring him, loving him, and absorbed in him. See you in Worship!

We Labor Together With God,