Celebrate the Wonder

This is a big deal! That’s how I would describe it. What I’m referring to is the presentation of “Celebrate the Wonder” Sunday by the sanctuary choir. They have been working diligently since August. Their preparations will be evident this Sunday at 10:15 AM.

God has blessed Walnut Street Baptist Church in so many ways. Isn’t it amazing how God takes ordinary people like us and blesses our efforts in order to bring honor to Himself. In the end, it is our availability to God that makes all the difference.

Please make every effort to be in attendance. Your presence is an encouragement not only to those who sit around you, but to the Lord as well. Also, be sure and invite and bring someone along with you.

I know several of our folks who are sad because they are physically unable to attend. And, I know several more who are physically able but simply choose to redeem their time in other ways.

Please don’t forget to come back Sunday night when our Preschool and Children’s departments will present their Christmas program. We will conclude our evening in the fellowship hall enjoying refreshments and fellowship. Please bring finger foods to share.

We have been quite busy this month at Walnut Street Baptist Church. Let us not be so busy that we forget to thank everyone who helps make these activities a reality. Without everyone’s assistance and involvement we could not be the people God has called us to be.

We Labor Together with God,