Bring Them With You

This week as you are hustling about I hope you will slow down, take some time, catch your breath and ponder those who are around you. Family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, strangers, neighbors, you get the idea. Be observant!

When I go to the mall I see the men (most often) holding large pocketbooks as their significant other is busy in the plethora of stores that adorn the mall hallway.

Of course if you happen to find a Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, or a Dunkin kiosk with a little sitting area, you can settle down in the middle of all the movements.

Wherever you find yourself this Christmas season whether in the mix of things, or on the periphery holding a large pocketbook, or a double espresso mocha – ponder those around you.

Do they know Jesus?

This Christmas, we return to the scene of a humble manger where the great Light of the world was born. We join with the shepherds and angels¬ — in awe of God’s love come to earth. Amidst the noise and distractions, we still our hearts as we bow before Him and worship the one true King.

Join us at The Ridge Sunday December 18, at 10:15 am as the adult choir presents “Come Let Us Adore.” Those folks you are pondering … bring them with you! We Labor Together with God,

We Labor Together with God, Wes

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