Are You A GREAT Church Member?

Ron Edmondson writes,

Obviously, God builds the church, but He uses people to build it. What kind of members does God use to build a great church?

The following is a list of characteristics of those type of people. Not everyone will have every quality, but it’s the combination of each of them in people that builds a great church.

Great church members:

  1. Believe and love God’s Word.

  2. Grow in prayer.

  3. Build on faith.

  4. Put God’s will first.

  5. Enjoy meeting with God regularly.

  6. Support the pastor and the church.

  7. Encouragers in the church.

  8. Don’t think everything is about them!

  9. Think outside the walls of the church.

  10. Maintain a friendly church.

 I’m so thankful to be in a church with so many who make this list a reality!

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