A Lemon Meringue Pie Connection

I don’t believe in wandering “Spirits” but I must tell you my story. First let me begin by telling you about my Christmas. It began as it does most years with our annual Christmas Eve service. So many were involved, and the candles and the singing of “Silent Night” really   enhanced the Christmas Spirit.  This was followed by a family portrait around the Christmas tree courtesy of Don McDonald. We then went out for pizza and then home for our annual view of  “White Christmas”.

This year Debbie and I hosted Christmas dinner at our home. Courtney, Brad, Brittany, Peighton, Gage, and Grandma Nell were here most of the day. Oh! I almost forgot to mention Wags was here, too.

Waffles, pancakes and bacon were the fare for breakfast. We then opened stockings, and exchanged gifts. It was delightful.  To be sure, I don’t know of anything better than the enjoyable presence of grandchildren.

The dinner menu included a honey glazed spiral ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, crockpot corn, broccoli salad, and warm rolls. The dessert cart consisted of cheese cake and my homemade lemon meringue pie.

As I said, I don’t believe in wandering “Spirits”. I do believe however, that God blesses us with “connections” to our loved ones who have already died. These “connections” often just pop up out of nowhere.

A few days ago Debbie, Courtney and I were discussing what to fix for Christmas dinner.  When it came to choices for dessert Courtney stated emphatically that she wanted a lemon meringue pie and that it was one of her favorite desserts. I never knew she had ever tasted one.  I know she never had one at home and never ordered one when dining out. It was so random.

Right then I sensed the “connection.” My dad’s favorite dessert was lemon meringue pie. My mom made one for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

I confess that as I thought about it, tears came to my eyes, not from sadness, but joy. It was as if my dad was joining us for Christmas dinner, to enjoy and visit with his great grandchildren for the first time, and he wanted us to enjoy his favorite dessert.

Now I know he wasn’t there as a wandering “Spirit”. However I felt the presence of his spirit all day.  As we all sat around the table, Peighton on one side and Gage on the other I felt a “connection” of the past with the present and the future. I am always thankful for those “connections” that appear unannounced.  Thank you, Lord!

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