Thankful For our Small Group Leaders

Our small group leaders are the mainstay of our congregation. No one person could do all that they do. They are valuable to the growth of The Ridge Church. Not just numerically but spiritually as well. We will honor our small group leaders with a banquet on Saturday, February 24 and recognize them on Sunday, February 25.

Just think about it —

  • They consistently attend small group and worship weekly, which is an
    encouragement to all who attend.
  • They are committed to preparing a weekly plan to enable biblical learning regardless of the number present.
  • They are dedicated to the people they teach through prayers, visits, and weekly contacts. When someone is missing in worship or small group, I am confident that their small group leader will be in contact during week.
  • They support and promote the plan and vision of the church. They join with the
    pastor and the leadership team in following the direction that God is leading.
  • They spend their own money, time and other treasure as they see needs in their class.
  • They are committed to supporting the other ministries of the Ridge Church through the giving of their tithes and offerings.
  • They arrive early and prepare the learning area, keeping it fresh and welcoming each week.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

Please Come to Small Group/Sunday School

At The Ridge Church, we definitely want you to join us for small group Bible study. How can we encourage you to attend? Ken Braddy lists 5 ways to encourage attendance. (Read article at

1) Give them an assignmentIf people have a job to do, they are more likely to show up. Place someone in charge of nametags, announcements, prayer time, assisting the group leader by leading a portion of the study, planning fellowships, and like that.

2) Pose a controversial questionBefore Sunday, email (text) the members and call attention to a section of personal study guide. Pose a controversial question. Stir the pot. Help your group members think critically. Promise to address the question or comment during the Bible study. They’ll have to show up to find out the answer and to hear everyone else’s responses.

3) Preview the next sessionmovie theaters have learned the value of making us sit through 25 minutes of “coming attractions.” They know that to get us to come back in the future, they need to pique our interest in the present. At the end of each Bible study, spend a minute previewing the next study, encouraging your group members to study in advance and to come prepared to engage in next week’s Bible study.

4) Teach with excellenceOne of the quickest ways to drive people away from your group is to get into a teaching rut. If your group members can predict what is going to take place each week, it’s time for you to shake things up. Learn to incorporate new teaching techniques each week. The variety will spice things up.

5) Reach out to themit’s a mathematical fact that about 50% of your group’s members will not be in attendance each week. Normally groups average an attendance of 50% of their enrollment. So every week the group leader and the care group leaders have an important job to do – they must contact every absent member and discover if there is a ministry opportunity.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

Gorham Outreach and Ministry

Wednesday night we had a great discussion on our future ministry in Gorham.

It all began last summer as we sponsored a 5 day Bible club. Then, a block party was planned and we participated in the community’s “Trunk or Treat” effort. In November, we began a 6 week after School program that included a bible study, mission study, Bible verse memory, games and refreshments.

The discussion last night centered on future ministry ideas.

Ideas included – VBS in the community July 9-13, 5:30-8 pm. Begin with a light supper. Include an adult and youth bible study at the same time.

Movie night, Easter Egg Hunt, work day to do light yard work in the community, coordinate the delivery of lunch meals in the summer for the children, begin an “adopt a grandparent” ministry, provide Monday- Friday activities during spring break (March 30-April 6), continue with the Tuesday after school program in 6 week cycles.

Begin a weekly Bible Study/Worship time in the community supported by the people from the Ridge church. Perhaps meeting on a Sunday afternoon. This service would be in lieu of our Sunday night service.

As you pray, ask the Lord how we can reach the community.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

The Best New Year’s Resolution

In a recent blog post Thom Rainer makes a startling statement, “I am proposing you dump everything on your church calendar. It’s time to start fresh.” He argues that most church folk are too busy to do REAL ministry in the REAL world.

He proposes we start the New Year with a blank Church calendar and fill in the calendar with only those activities we feel will really move the church forward. Keep it simple. Keep it basic.

When many things are added and never subtracted or evaluated, the calendar becomes bloated and our ministry becomes ineffective. The result is that members have little or no time to do REAL ministry outside the walls of the church.

He concludes, “We need effective churches, not busy churches. We need simple churches, not complex churches. As you move into a new year, consider your church calendar. Be willing to consider reducing or eliminating those activities that lead to busyness but not effectiveness. It could be the best New Year’s resolution you make.”

What activities and ministries would you include? Exclude? What present activities or ministries would you be willing to give up in order to do REAL ministry that might be more effective in reaching our communities?

We Labor Together With God, Wes