Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What a great year #OnTheRidge! God has continued to bless and add to His church. We have been able to affect our communities in many positive ways with the gospel. We have baptized more believers this past year than we have in any year since I have been pastor.

Our commitment to missions continues to increase through the many ways we reach out. Missions begins at HOME with a strong base. It then continues through our state and nation and THEN around the world. Thank you all for your generosity of time talent and treasure.

I heard so many great comments on this year’s Cantata. The Ridge Choir under the direction of Debbie Henson outdid themselves again this year. AND, of course the children’s program Sunday night was “off the chain.” Thank you Jamie Robison for your commitment and direction.

As we head into Christmas Day please don’t forget our Christmas Eve Service at 5:30 PM. It is a very simple and meaningful service of singing carols and Scripture reading. Just come as you are and bring everyone with you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

God always takes the first step and awaits our response. 2018 will present as many challenges as we leave in 2017. In the midst of all life’s challenges may we respond to God with faithful worship attendance and committed financial giving.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

The Present of Presence

I was eating a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds. Well, I had a gift card and I was craving their new buttermilk chicken strips. However, they are SO popular that they have completely run out and are restocking the supply chain.

Anyway, I got a text from a college friend to give him a call. He told me he was going to be in the area on work and wondered whether I had time to see him. Although we have kept in touch on Facebook, we had not seen each other for about 25 years. We enjoyed a great visit.

When I arrived at Southwest Baptist College in 1977 I had 3 suitcases and knew absolutely no one. I worked in the cafeteria and Dennis was the assistant manager. We quickly became friends. He became the food service director and I, a student manager. He taught me about food ordering and production but mostly he taught me about the value of friendship and passion for what you were doing. I am as grateful for those lessons as any college class I ever took.

We reminisced of course, about trips he and Brenda took with Debbie and me, and different alumni we both knew, but most of our conversation focused on where we were today and how much more fun grandchildren are to raise, than our children.

It is true great friends can pick up where they left off, even when it has been 25 years. It’s not yet Christmas, and I am anticipating a lot of great presents. Nevertheless, this gift of presence may be the best present I’ll receive this year.

We Labor Together With God, Wes