Above and Beond

I received a text the other day identifying a few folks who had gone out of their way to meet a church need. The text-er appreciated their willingness to help in an unanticipated situation on a moment’s notice. Most certainly a Hats off is due.

I am reminded of so many at The Ridge Church that go above and beyond what is expected of them as church members. We see many of their contributions on a daily and weekly basis. The Ridge Church could not exist and we could not begin to fulfil our mission from God without their committed service.

In addition, there are many who pull up their sleeves, pitch in, and just do what needs to be done, at the expense of not only their personal time but also contributing their own personal finances, (and NO they don’t deduct it from their weekly tithe). AND, they do it under the radar, quietly, and many times anonymously. While I could mention many tasks and I hesitate to mention any, I will call out those who bring food every Sunday morning for our “Coffee And …”

Let me be quick to add that I recognize there are some who are willing but simply unable to make the kind of personal and physical contributions they used to make. However, their heart moves them to do what they can, and to hold up the ministry, leadership, and mission of The Ridge Church in their prayers.

I confess that I do not show my appreciation often enough. I apologize for that. Nevertheless, allow to me to give all of you a big HATS OFF! Thank you!

We Labor Together With God, Wes

#SummerTime #OnTheRidge

Wow what a summer we had on The Ridge. God has blessed us beyond compare. We had salvations, baptisms, increases in our fellowship, guests, worship, VBS, fun, and of course our #SummerTime #SundayNights #OnTheRidge!

A Hats Off to our Church Council who sponsored, planned, and led each of the different Sunday night activities

  • Brotherhood – Dennis Howell
  • Deacon Chair – Mike Garlinghouse
  • Music – Debbie Henson
  • Outreach – Lisa Hottensen
  • Sunday School – Jeff Yates
  • Treasurer – Rosie Hertter
  • Trustee Chair – Chris Robison
  • WMU – Karen Dover
  • Pastor – Wes Henson

#SummerTime #SundayNights #On The Ridge

  • June 25 Church Picnic
  • July 30 – Bacon Sammich Nite
  • July 16 – Miners Baseball
  • August 13- Show N Tell N Watermelon
  • July 23 – Homemade Ice Cream
  • August 20 – Movie Night

Now let’s give summer one last HURRAH —

Join us this Sunday at 10:15 AM for STEP UP Sunday 

We Labor Together With God, Wes

I Gotta Tell This Story

A microcosm of Facebook, miscommunication, and I guess, life

So .. Someone shared a post by Joe’s Barber Shop on Facebook and as I was trolling, I saw it. Immediately I was taken back to my childhood days and infrequent Saturday mornings of visiting “Joe the Barber.” It was in another time, another place, and another “Joe the Barber.”

I shared the post and tagged my two brothers. For, as when one went we all went. Dave immediately replied that he also remembered and that there were some questionable haircuts and experiences, like a bicycle that was stolen in front of the barbershop.

BTW: I had forgotten about that incident. It seems that it was my bike and when my mom found out about it she came racing down to the shop and patrolled the area (Bowling Lane). Eventually she found someone who just happened to know where to locate the bike and for a fee … he did. (I miss the Bird. She always had my back)

Back to my story, A few minutes later the Murphysboro Joe the Barber’s, wife chimed in on Facebook and wanted Dave to know that he certainly could not have had such an experience at this place since Joe had only purchased the business a year and a half ago.

Well, we responded by assuring her that we did not mean any harm to the business nor were we referring to this barbershop. It was just that the name brought back a plethora of memories. (Of course, Dave and I had a good laugh as we texted about this privately.)

However, it all ended nice. I deleted the post on my own. She realized we were not talking about her husband. She messaged me and invited me to go by “Joe’s Barber Shop” and get my haircut, and recount my “Joe the Barber” experiences. I did this morning and got a great cut by Harold who has been cutting hair for 54 years. It’s hard to find a men’s barber shop now a days. I found one in Murphysboro.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

How to Discern An Opportunity

Last week The Ridge Church sponsored a Five Day Club presented by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in the community of Gorham. We provided an air-conditioned place at the community center. CEF provided the staff, materials, and an individual from the community provided the nightly snacks. Average attendance for the week was 21 children, ages 5-12, and 2 staff members.

Debbie and I attended the Friday night conclusion of the club. It appeared they had a very good week and the children were very interested and involved in hearing the Bible lesson. Playing “Drip, Drip, Drop” was also a refreshing success.

The community of Gorham has a population of about 300. There is no church in the community although the community has had several in the past. Currently, folks who attend church drive 20 minutes to Murphysboro, or 30 minutes to Carbondale. Some even drive to Pinckneyville. Most do not attend anywhere.

Thursday morning, I am driving through the community to look it over and will meet with some community officials and ascertain the possibility of having some type of block party in the community this September. Further, I wonder whether the folks of The Ridge would provide a weekly after school ministry lasting about an hour for the children this fall. Perhaps the Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to reach this community. I’m not sure.

Further, I wonder whether the folks of The Ridge would provide a weekly after school ministry lasting about an hour for the children this fall. Perhaps the Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to reach this community. I’m not sure.

If you would like more information and be willing to pray with me about this, please let me know. Call or text me at 618.559.7132.

We Labor Together With God, Wes