Where Is My Joy?

We are completing a six-week Bible study from Philippians on joy. I have shared five messages on Joy. Yet some might still ask, “Where is my joy?”

My first response would be to query whether you were in small groups or worship to allow God’s Word to guide you toward joy. The value of being in Bible Study and Worship cannot be over stated. Not only does it make sense it is also a biblical truth. The Hebrews author commands us to  “not avoiding worshiping together as some do,..” (10:25 MSG) BTW, have you ever avoided worship?

MY second response comes from my devotion this morning in “StandFirm” (Feb. 22, ’17). The writer affirms that there is “an incredible joy in the Lord, but it often becomes a reality through self-sacrifice and serving others.” He continues that whatever it is that you are to do, JUST do it! He also makes this great point — do it through the local church.

A few of the truths that I have learned and relearned through this study is that it is not only a privilege but also a joy to be able to join God in God’s work through our financial giving and serving others. In addition, contentment is necessary for joy and further, contentment is unrelated to our circumstances. Contentment and joy comes directly from our relationship with the Lord.

When we question our joy, my counsel is that we should look first at our relationship with the Lord and find ways to serve others. The sooner the better!

We Labor Together with God, Wes

God’s Gift

I heard this week that we are in the midst of a “snow drought.” I’m not sure what that means and why it would be a bad thing, except that farmers who have planted winter wheat are counting on snow cover to insulate their crop from the harsh elements. So maybe we do need a little snow cover before spring arrives.

However, the geese who make The Ridge their home appear to be enjoying the open ground cover and the chilly lake.

I have stated this before, we have a beautiful campus! I encourage you to come out during the week and take it all in. As the weather gets warmer, bring your lunch and enjoy it under the pavilion as the kids expend some energy on the playground. You might also bring a fishing pole and try your skill or spend some time at the prayer garden.

We recognize this campus as a gift from God. Many thanks to all who support what God is doing through The Ridge Church and this campus as you give your tithe, offering, and financial contributions. You help make all this possible.

We Labor Together with God, Wes

An Ode to Super Bowl 2017

‘Twas the night of the Super Bowl and everyone at my house was super excited including my spouse. The Falcons were scoring while their fans in the stands were all roaring. The Patriots haters were grinning because Atlanta was winning.

But while they were gloating and gleaming, the Patriot team was all scheming. Winning is easy when you know you’re the best, but coming back from behind is the ultimate test. So just to play nice and to make it seem fair, New England decided to let Atlanta go on a three quarter tear.

They watched with amazement as they watched them showboat, but when they were ready, they released the GOAT*. I knew it was coming, cause I’ve seen it before, in no time at all they had evened the score.

Many were scratching their heads like it was some kind of mystery, but we were loving each moment as the Patriots made history. They were the best team that day, but I just go to say, regardless of the score, they are the best team ever in any kind of way.

I don’t need recognition I’m only a fan, the team is the best and Brady is the man. The haters will say, I don’t like them now, and I won’t like them ever. You may think that they cheated, but I think they’re just clever. The legacy of Belichick will now live on forever.

Matthew Borlase

*Greatest Of All Time


Let me commend the folks of The Ridge for attending the outreach event on Sunday night. “The BFG” was a funny kid’s movie that was appropriate for adults as well. The official count was 83. There were many, many guests. Your attendance made a positive impact on all of them. Many of you went out of your way to introduce yourself and welcome all of our guests. This is the Lord’s calling for all of us at The Ridge as we seek to fulfill our God given mission. #TheRidgeWay!

I enthusiastically commend those who greet, welcome, and usher all who arrive in the morning. Greeting folks as they exit from their vehicles is #TheRidgeWay! This is especially appreciated during inclement weather. Then, to be welcomed and assisted as they enter the building is conducive to a great worship experience.

I was impressed Sunday morning when a couple came in as the service started and one of our ushers “ushered” them to a seat. #TheRidgeWay!

Our “Coffee And …” time is a great way to encourage one another. I encourage you to get here a little earlier and enjoy the fellowship… and the great food. Thank you to all who provide food each week. We need more folks to sign up and at the Hospitality Area to bring food. You may also donate money. #TheRidgeWay!

At The Ridge we expect new folks to attend every week. They may not know our name and we may not know theirs. Thank you for wearing name tags. It puts everyone at ease and allows us to greet one another by name. #TheRidgeWay!

We Labor Together with God, Wes