Happy Thanksgiving

rambling on logo for newsletter“As you journey through life make it your goal; 

to look at the donut and not at the hole”

That’s quit an amusing little ditty. It is also quite profound. Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. The donut is made for eating (just ask me!) while the hole cannot be eaten. When it’s time to eat, focus on what is in front of you and enjoy, not on what you wish was there and complain. If you keep your eye upon the donut, everything assumes its proper perspective.

It’s like in the garden! Do you remember the garden?

Don’t you remember? God gave Adam and Eve all the fruit of the garden, that’s the doughnut. The fruit that Satan gave them is the hole! They should have kept looking at the doughnut, not at the hole!”

This week we will all pause and observe a day our nation sets aside as a holiday. It is “Thanksgiving Day.”

Hopefully we will pause to focus on the donut and remember just how grateful we should be for the privileges and blessings afforded us by God. Happy Thanksgiving!

We Labor Together with God, Wes

Five reasons you need to make church a weekly commitment

Lisa Appelo, www.tinyurl.com/TRC-church-weekly

Is church really necessary for the Christian? I want to share 5 reasons why you can’t do without church as a Christian.

1) You’re missing out on how God has chosen to work in this age. God founded the church. It’s not an invention of people. God created the church and has specifically tasked it to carry out His work until Christ returns. (Acts 1:2)

2) You’re missing out on using your spiritual gifts. Every believer has one or more spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are not meant for the recipient. They are meant for the body. We’ll be held responsible for how we use our spiritual gift.

3) You’re missing out on spiritual gifts meant for you. If you’re not in a church, not only is the body missing out on your spiritual gifts, but you are missing out on the body’s spiritual gifts intended for you.

4) You’re missing out on accountability. God calls believers to be holy. Can we do that on our own? The more we’re away from regular Biblical teaching and the more we drift away from others, the more difficult it is to live by God’s standards

5) You’re missing out on the sweetest fellowship this side of heaven. Insert your story here.

We Labor Together with God, Wes