A Happier People

In our home we give a tithe and an offering to the Lord through The Ridge Church. I am a simple person so I simply calculate my tithe (10%) based on my gross income.  I have no desire to perform mental gymnastics in determining the least amount that is acceptable to God or myself.

There have been times when I have sold an asset and received a financial return that I would re-invest in another asset. I felt no inclination to tithe on the sale of that asset since it was not income. Although, at other times, I have sold assets and used those receipts to give an offering.

The sale of 218 was the sale of one asset to reinvest in another asset. The asset was sold below market value, at a loss. It was not income and need not be treated as such. I am grateful for The Ridge leadership in reinvesting those financial receipts in the safety and the betterment of The Ridge Church.

I was reminded this week that money is only one tool to achieve a goal. There are other tools and it is not the goal itself. As this week’s small group/ Sunday School text reminds us, the unstoppable gospel has an unstoppable message. Our goal should be to be personally involved in sharing the message in the mission space God has provided for us.  As we focus on the goal, the message, and the people we have less desire and time to focus on the money. And we will be a happier people as well!

We Labor Together with God,  WES

God Is Present… Always

Thank you so much for the prayers, cards, and kind words you shared with me over the death of my mother, Lorraine Henson. As I have already shared with many of you, my mom went to sleep on Thursday night September 22 and woke up in the presence of the Lord on Friday about noon. Jesus had returned for her as he promised, and her “building from God, not built by human hands” was ready.

On the return from our trip Debbie and I were involved in a collision with a trailer truck on Interstate 79 outside of Charleston, WV. It was raining and we were climbing over a mountain. As the trailer truck’s lane ended he signaled to the next lane. I signaled and moved to the left most lane and we both continued up the mountain side by side. And then … the rain turned into a deluge at that point I began to hydroplane. I had no control. I could not steer. I could not slow down. I was just hovering on top of the rain water. I do not know the words to the song, “Jesus Take the Wheel” but I was singing it nonetheless.

When the water subsided a little the wheels hit pavement and immediately I headed for the side of the truck. The whole passenger side was scraped with vehicle parts just dangling. We both kept moving over the top of the hill and then stopped. Only upon inspection of my truck did I realize the enormity of what had just taken place and how close we were to something horrific happening.

In the midst of hydroplaning I had no idea what would be the outcome. However, I did have a real sense of God’s presence. Regardless the outcome I am convinced that God is present and active in all of life’s situations and experiences.

We Labor Together with God, Wes