What is Vacation Bible School?

rambling on logo for newsletterMonday we begin another week of our annual VBS. The theme this year is inspiring. Submerged – Finding Truth Below the Surface. Jesus sees below the surface of our lives and meets our need.

We will touch on five of the more familiar characters of the Bible and look beneath the surface. Jesus saw Zacchaeus and knew who he really was; Jesus saw the Samaritan woman at the well and knew her real worth; Jesus saw Nicodemus and knew he needed a Savior; Jesus saw a man born blind and saw that his life had a purpose; and Jesus saw the little children and loved and accepted them.

As Jesus looked into the life of each of these individuals he looks into our life and sees AND meets our need as well. Our need is not unlike each of their needs.

That is what this year’s Vacation Bible School is about, but not really! I received this note from an individual I hadn’t seen or spoken to in over 20 years.

Thank you for bringing me to the lord during vacation bible school and for baptizing me. Because of this I will have eternal life with the lord and can be forgiven for my sins. God bless!!! You will always have a special place in my heart!!!

That! is what Vacation Bible School is all about. We provide the opportunity, the Holy Spirit opens the heart, and the Lord does the saving!

We labor Together With God, Wes

What is worship?

rambling on logo for newsletterOur English word “Worship” comes from the Anglo-Saxon weorthscipe, which means “to honor” or “to ascribe worth.”The Old Testament Hebrew word used for worship means “a bowing down.”

For the Hebrews, worship was a verb, something you did. The same idea is behind the New Testament Greek word for worship which means “to serve.”

This is the difference between a biblical and a pagan understanding of worship. It is the difference between a verb and a noun. For the person of the Bible, worship is something you do. For the pagan, worship is a state of being.

When we worship we perform! Yes, I said perform! Our performance though is not for the benefit of one another as so often is the result. Our performance is solely for the benefit of the Lord. As we honor and glorify God our worship becomes acceptable in God’s sight.

Still, what is worship? How can we know that we have worshiped rather than just attended another service? Sunday I will outline 6 identifiers from Isaiah 6 that mark the essence of true worship.

I know your Summer is busy but there is no substitute for worshiping God together. I’m looking forward to your Sunday performance!

We labor Together With God, Wes