Remembrance Sunday May 29, 2016

We remember those who have gone on in 2015 

Barbara Ruth White – January 21, 2015

J D Russell – January 28, 2015

Edward D. Lodge – February 7, 2015

Mary Katherine Worthington – February 17, 2015

Justine Stephens – February 21, 2015

Norma Howell – March 4, 2015

Lucille Biggs – March 21, 2015

James Allen Prowell – March 27, 2015

Floyd McGrew – April 1, 2015

Betty Beckman – April 2, 2015

David Kaye – April 3, 2015

Betty Craig – May 7, 2015

Telvi Wenzel – June 15, 2015

Gary Dale Wood – June 17, 2015

Freddy Wilson – July 27, 2015

Abigail McElroy – July 31, 2015

Barbara K. Morber – August 14, 2015

Lenn D. Carsrud – August 29, 2015

Betty Jean Blundell – September 23, 2015

Jesse Lee Yates – September 30, 2015

Shirley Nance – October 21, 2015

Zachary McElroy – November 12, 2015

Helen Galloway – November 15, 2015

Larry W. Reiman – November 15, 2015

Max Plunkett – December 13, 2015

Evelyn Caraker – December 14, 2015

Summertime on The Ridge

rambling on logo for newsletterI think today (Wednesday) and tomorrow the mercury is supposed to top 85 degrees. By now all the schools are out for Summer break. In addition, this is Memorial Day weekend, the official kick off of Summer. So even with the recent cool temperatures, I think it is safe to say that Summer has arrived. While we use Memorial Day weekend as a marker for the beginning of Summer, let us not forget that it is

While we use Memorial Day weekend as a marker for the beginning of Summer, let us not forget that it is day of remembrance of all those who have died in military service to their country. As you redeem the day do not forget that it is because of their sacrifice you are able to live in freedom!

Sunday morning we will remember those who have passed on during 2015. This always brings a tear to my eye as I remember the life, the legacy, and the love of those who have gone on to be with the Lord. As we remember them, the contributions they have made to this world and our life are validated and treasured. Please join me Sunday morning at 10:15 as together, we remember!

Since it is “Summertime” let me encourage you to take pictures of your summer events, vacations, get togethers and email them to SummerTime@OnTheRidge.Org Include the date, place, and those in the picture. If you are unable to do it digitally just bring your pictures and information by The Ridge and we will scan it for you.

Looking forward to celebrating Jesus with you on Sunday!

We labor Together With God, Wes