The Jungle Book

rambling on logo for newsletterLast Friday was Brittany’s 29th birthday. I know she won’t mind me sharing her age. My! How quickly those 29 years have passed. You can anticipate that I am fully ready to share many memories of her exciting and dramatic formative years … but I won’t.

Friday night we all met for dinner and then went to see the opening of, “The Jungle Book” at AMC Theater. Peighton and Gage were looking forward to the event and excitedly repeated the plans for the evening several times. The rate at which my grandchildren are growing and maturing is absolutely astounding (said every grandparent ever)!

I too was somewhat excited to see the movie. I remember seeing the original animated version about 50 years ago with a friend. Wow!

That was a long time ago! Brittany’s birthday, my grandchildren growing up so quickly, seeing a movie remake 50 years later, each of these events are powerful reminders of time. Some say time is not on our side, and it works against us. I guess for some, time is cause for worry, anxiety, and outright fear.

However, I like to think of time as God’s gift to remind us to take one day at a time, one moment at a time, one challenge at a time, and not to get ahead of ourselves. Instead cherish the good of each day. No need to fret over time, after all, God rules time and our times are in His hands! (Psalm 31:15)

“All glory to him who alone is God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. All glory, majesty, power, and authority are his before all time, and in the present, and beyond all time! Amen. (Jude v.25)

We labor Together With God, Wes

Redeeming Your Broken Moments

Take a listen to the introduction to our small group Bible study Sunday at 9 AM

If we’re serious about restoring our relationships, God’s Word gives us the best instruction: proceed with humility and be willing to offer and accept forgiveness. Restoration may not come easily, but it is life-changing!

Join us this week on The Ridge at 9 AM as we look at how Jacob and Esau’s broken relationship was restored. Arrive a little early for some “Coffee And …” Wes

Are You A Fountain Or A Drain?

rambling on logo for newsletterOnce again I am purloining from Jim Muir’s excellent post on Facebook. I shared the complete post on our Facebook page.

The first thing that came to my mind is that those two words – ‘fountain’ and ‘drain’ are diametrically opposed. They are as far apart as any two words you can find – a fountain springs forth, it gives, it bubbles over … while a drain takes away, it depletes, it vacates.

When I thought about this I quickly realized that we all have the opportunity every single day to be a fountain or a drain. By the way we approach life and our everyday thinking we are either a fountain of giving, happy and positive emotions or we are a drain, depleting and taking away the energy and optimism from ourselves and those around us. Interestingly, the amount of work that goes into being a fountain or a drain is the same.

There are many, many things in life that we cannot control, but whether we’re a fountain or a drain is one of the few things we control daily. From the moment your feet hit the floor every morning you have the option of determining whether you’ll be a fountain or a drain. Remember, you can be a drain and complain because rose bushes have thorns … or you can be a fountain and rejoice because thorn bushes have roses — the work and effort is the same and the choice is yours!

To be a fountain is to spread the Joy of the Lord to those around us. It is a sign of spiritual maturity. The Ridge Church is blessed with many fountains. Are you one?

We labor Together With God, Wes

Reflections and Ponderings

rambling on logo for newsletterSunday was a marvelous day! I was pleasantly surprised by guests from far away and close by who attended and helped us dedicate our building to God’s Kingdom Work. As I shared with the children, even though God has given us this building and we are using it, we want to give it back to God so God can use it any way that pleases him.

A couple of observations. I did not know that 19 adults could sit in the Pastor’s office for a Sunday School class. When I heard about it I had a flashback. All I could imagine was this group fifty years earlier “chillin” at a youth group meeting.

The worship area was completely taken down and reset for dinner in less than 15 minutes. Now that is team work!

A large Hats off to the committee that planned the Dedication and Homecoming service, Ann Carrington, Karen Dover, Rosie Hertter, and Lisa Hottensen. Thank you for planning a great day!

A reminder: Sunday 9 AM begins a new small group class for formerly married women. Pam White is the facilitator. Help get the word out.

Speaking of new classes. In Church Council we discussed the pressing need for more small group classes. I’ll be sharing more of the plan to start new groups soon.

We labor Together With God, Wes