The Witness – June 14- 27, 2015

Vacation Bible School
June 15-19; 9- noon
Ages 4 years through completed 6th grade

Youth Vacation Bible School
June 15-18; 12:30- 3:30
Grades 7-12

Vacation Bible School Musical
Sunday June 14th
10:15 AM

Vacation Bible School Fun Night
June 19th 6:00 PM

This week please support Vacation Bible School as much as possible.
You can invite and bring children
You can pray
You can volunteer
You can attend the fun night

Needed: a volunteer to coordinate the Friday night fun night meal. Contact the
pastor if you would like to assist.

We Labor Together With God, Wes

Resistance to Change – A Scale


The level of receptivity to change is directly related to the type of leadership needed to lead change best.

Change Resistance Scale

  • R1. Fiercely resistant. These churches typically resist almost any noticeable change. An example might be a slight modification in the order of worship services. These churches need long-term leaders with the patience of Job and the skin of a rhinoceros.
  • R2. Steadily incremental. For the most part, R2 churches are change-resistant. Members of these churches, however, will accept change if it is slow in developing and methodical. For example, they may be willing to add a second worship service if the leader prepares the church for around a year in advance.
  • R3. Significant improvement. An R3 church will likely accept change readily if it is an extension or improvement of an existing ministry, program, or facility. Worship times, new small groups, and building programs do not meet resistance because they simply reflect improvement upon that which already is in place.
  • R4. Substantive change. Members in an R4 church understand that much needs to change in order for the congregation to have an impact in their community and in the world. Though multi-campus models may seem strange to them, for example, they are willing and desirous to move forward if leaders explain to them the benefit of the change.
  • R5. Leading edge. Members in an R5 church typically are moving faster than the leaders. They don’t understand why change is not happening at more vigorous pace. They have a firm grasp of cultural realities. Though they would not compromise biblical truth, anything else is up for change or replacing.

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The Witness – June 7-13, 2015

Leadership is Influence

A few weeks ago Imogene Piland stopped by and shared with me a newsletter from Senior Adult Services. The director had written a short history of Older Americans Month that is celebrated in May.

In 1963 only 17 million Americans had reached their 65th birthday. Today U.S. citizens over the age of 65 outnumber the entire population of Canada (35.16 million).

Sunday the topic of my message is leadership as we focus on the situation of Esther. It will parallel the small group study from Joshua on leadership and remind us that as Jesus followers we have been gifted to lead and we should accept our leadership role in God’s Kingdom.

The most basic definition of leadership is influence. As we all prepare for worship on Sunday let us ponder the role of the older adults of our congregation and their continued influence in our midst. While some may no longer hold places of authority they continue to offer loads of Godly influence.

Even as our congregation has grown younger over the last years and as we attempt to reach and lead a whole new generation of non-believers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we are reminded of, and grateful and thankful for, the continued leadership of our older adults.

We Labor Together With God, Wes