The Latest From Kc Jo

Hello everyone!!!

Today I just got back from my trip to Chemnitz, Germany. It was so much fun! I got to meet the other exchange students here for the first time. They are all very welcoming and amazing. They are easy to connect with bc they are going through all the same things I am.

During the trip I went on a night tour of Chemnitz, it was raining .(but that’s okay bc it was still beautiful) Then we went to a cave, it was in German so I could only understand a little bit. But apparently people get married there. Idk why though bc it was really cold and dirty lol. It was also used during World War 2 for people to go for protection from the bombs that were dropped.

Then we had a day of all German classes. I was in the highest German class so that must mean my German is getting better it was still hard though. Then the last night we went out to eat and the food was different but really good. If you haven’t already seen all of my Facebook posts then I will let you know that the food here in Germany is AMAZING!!! I don’t think I will eat American bread ever again lol

When I got back home to my German home I found a couple of letters from you all it made my day. Thank you for the letters, I love them!  Some of you have talked about my brother. So Jackson I promise I will try my hardest when I get back to speak English to you so you can understand. lol your such a little dork.

Some of your wrote about how I have said they only speak German in my school and yes they do. I am getting better at understanding them but I’m not quit there to being able to fully participate in class yet. They talk fast lol English class is quite funny though.

I hope everything is going well with the building of the church! You all should send pictures of the process if you can I miss you all sooo much! I have only been to church here (Catholic Church). It’s a lot different, it’s not bad but it’s not you all. Thank you for all the prayers! Love you all!