One Step Further Along

We have received an official offer on our buildings at 218 West Walnut St.

This past Wednesday night the trustees and our real estate agent presented the offer to the congregation and this morning the people of Walnut Street Baptist Church voted to accept the offer.

While there are several months before the deal closes, and my mom has often warned me not to count my chickens before they’re hatched, I can’t help but to be energized over what God is doing in our midst.

Here are five reasons to be energized seeing the hand of God at work in our midst

  1. The offer delays the closing until January 2015.  Our new building wont be ready until the end of 2014. In addition we are going to need that time to sort through all that has been accumulated over the years.
  2. Our original building plan for a first phase was estimated to cost over 1 million dollars. The  steering committee and trustees concluded that it was more than the congregation would approve or could handle financially. The plans were scaled back about 50%. With the sale of these buildings much of that can be  restored. At the very least  we will have a more complete and finished building in which to worship.
  3. One of the concerns voiced by many is what will happen to these buildings. We have a great heritage being on this corner for more than 90 years. The idea of demolishing the buildings and erasing them from the Carbondale skyline and memory was very hard to take. The proposal includes restoring the exterior and remodeling the interior of these buildings to house several small business and apartments. The buildings will be restored to their former glory inside and out, and then some.
  4. We could get caught up in how much these buildings and this property is actually worth, and whether this was the best deal or not. But the bottom line is that God is calling us forward, to look ahead, to something new, and God is the one we need to trust. This is just such an opportunity.
  5. There are many commercial buildings in our area that have been on the market for a long time. Some of those that have sold have sold for much less than what they were asking.  Many thought that purchase by the city was our only viable option. When they declined to make a reasonable offer and our building was listed only a few weeks went by before someone expressed serious interest and ultimately made an offer.

In each of these situations and several more the hand of God has been evident. God has given us the assurances we need, so we can trust more.

I am so excited for what God has already done, what God is doing, and what God will continue to do in the future through Walnut Street Baptist Church.

We give God all the glory. How can we not be energized and excited?