What’s the Plan?

Sunday morning begins our Summer Schedule at Walnut Street Baptist Church. I am looking forward to the change of pace. Each Sunday brings an excitement all its own.

There will be a lot of folks in an out all summer. Hopefully we will all have some time to get away and enjoy the creation of the creator. However when you miss, you miss out. Let me share the plan with you so you may plan accordingly!

On Sunday morning the summer interlude returns 9:45-10:05. Join us for some light refreshments and good fellowship. Remember everyone is invited. Arrive a little early for worship and join us.

Each Sunday will have a different emphasis and include your planning. The schedule is posted in “The Witness”. This Sunday, Adult 3 class has planned the service. Also, I am beginning a series of messages titled, “I Am a Church Member”. I encourage you to read Thom Rainer’s book with the same title for some context. It is crucial for ministry and our future to have a biblical understanding of what it means to be a member of Walnut Street Baptist Church.

On Wednesdays this summer the plan is to focus on “God’s people and Worship.” We will look for insight from Isaiah, Ezra, and Nehemiah. In the fall I will utilize the Explore the Bible curriculum, a book by book walk through Bible.

As you can see, summer at Walnut Street Baptist Church is shaping up to be an exciting journey. Join us “on our journey to a new beginning”

A Colossal Coaster World Review

I’m not exactly sure how to report on last week’s Vacation Bible School. As I have often stated, I am overwhelmed at times by the number of volunteers we have. I am just as overwhelmed by the diversity of the ages of our volunteers. This diversity reflects the diversity of ages that make up our congregation. Some were retired, some took vacation time from work, some were college age, some were in jr-sr high school, some were not church members, some were guests, and some were men (young men and old men).  Without these volunteers VBS would not be possible. Again I say, “Thank You for your service and ministry!”

The one quality that I observed from all our volunteers was their desire to serve. Each one had a passion for VBS, children, and sharing Jesus’ love.

VBS is the one major outreach event that we are involved in each year. This year four children received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, while the others heard God’s message of love through Jesus Christ. Many seeds were planted.

A few VBS statistics:

A total of 147 were registered (49 faculty and 98 learners). High attendance was Tuesday with 120. Average attendance was 114. ( 40 faculty, 74 learners).  31 learners were added to our prospect list for follow up.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without the consistent giving of God’s tithe and your offering Vacation Bible School would never have happened.

We Labor together With God,

VBS Day One

“We had 18 children in our class today and everyone behaved so well!” That was a direct quote from one of our VBS workers.

To which I smiled, “You’ve only had them for an hour.”

Actually day one was a very good day in VBS at Walnut Street Baptist Church. And, as always all our learners were very well behaved.

The morning began with a heavy rain.  A few minutes before nine the “Main Gate” was a little sparse. I was starting to get fearful. However the bus arrived and the cars began pulling in and everyone arrived just in time.

This week’s VBS Motto, “Facing Fears, Trusting God.” HMMMM ….

How Can I Help in Vacation Bible School

Colossal Coaster World begins promptly at 9 AM on June 10th. I am amazed at the number of volunteers we have every year and the focus and attention Walnut Street Baptist Church places on Vacation Bible School.  I remember my first year as interim pastor. I was unable to be here for VBS due to other work obligations. Imogene Piland served as VBS director. Her planning and involvement reflected the priority VBS had in her life. Thank you, Imogene for stepping up, and making such a crucial commitment to VBS which had a powerful affect on this pastor! All the efforts of those who served before us continue to influence and impact the Kingdom of God for many years in the future.

Everyone is expected to participate in VBS at Walnut Street Baptist Church. No one is called to be on the sidelines.  Here are a few suggestions. Choose one or more.

  • Pray daily for the VBS leaders, learners, and families.
  • Invite children in your neighborhood, family members, and friends to VBS.
  • Bring them. After you invite them offer to bring them. Perhaps it may take you a few miles out of your way. It may mean leaving home a little sooner and getting back a little later but isn’t it worth the sacrifice?
  • Encourage our VBS leaders this week give them a call, send them a text, or write them an email. Here is a novel idea. Use paper and pen, sit down and write a note of appreciation and send it in the mail.
  • Attend the “VBS prayer walk” on Sunday night and the “Colossal Family Fun Night” on Friday evening. Your attendance is encouraging to all.
  • Make Connections when you attend the Friday night event. Stay away from your friends so you can connect with the families of the children who are in attendance.
  • Look for the good. I promise you we will make mistakes, miss opportunities, and mess up. However, I challenge you to look for and focus on all the good that this week holds. And, remember whenever we surrender ourselves to the Lord the outcome is always good.

We Labor Together With God,