Highlights of Steering Committee Report

Seeking God’s direction and will for a new beginning of Walnut Street Baptist Church and with much prayer and deliberation, the people of Walnut Street Baptist Church, in a congregational meeting agreed it was time to embark on a journey to a new beginning and move from our present location at 218 West Walnut Street in Carbondale, IL.

On December 31st, 2008 the people of Walnut Street Baptist Church purchased 20 acres of land on Old Highway 13 for $289,000 to commence on our journey to a new beginning.  In this period of time we have constructed a pavilion, purchased equipment to maintain the property, and paid off the property in full. In addition to being debt free, we have $25,469.76 available to start phase II

We believe it is the right time to move out to Walnut Lane and claim the land God has given us.

We propose the following plan:

  • Building A phase II “Multi-Purpose Building” consisting of Sanctuary/ Fellowship Area/ Gymnasium, Kitchen facilities, Classrooms for children and preschool, Administrative area, and Restrooms.
  • The financing of a Phase 2 “Multi-purpose Building” would include:
    • The trustees placing our present facility up for sale and,
    • Obtaining a construction loan; also,
    • the continued and increased financial support of the congregation.

— Steering Committee, (Butch Hertter, chair; Steve Carrington, vice;
Lisa Hottensen, Don McDonald, Mike Garlinghouse,

For further information please contact the committee.

We Labor Together With God,


His Work and Our Priority

This week in Sunday School we will focus on the prophet Haggai. Haggai’s message is relevant to the discussion we will have on Sunday night about moving out to Walnut Lane. Read all of what Haggai has written (only 2 chapters) and be ready Sunday morning to discuss it and how it relates to our building and moving.

Let’s not procrastinate. While cleaning out his desk, a man found a shoe-repair ticket that was ten years old. Figuring that he had nothing to lose, he went to the shop and gave the ticket to the repairman, who began to search the back room for the unclaimed shoes. After several minutes, he reappeared and gave the ticket back to the man. “What’s wrong?” asked the man. “ Couldn’t you find my shoes? “Oh, I found them,” replied the repairman, “and they’ll be ready next Friday.”

It’s easy to get distracted from the good work God intends for us to do. Competing forces vie for our attention; we’re sidetracked by fear or selfishness. We start living our own stories and lose sight of the greater story.

Let’s not compare what we have with what will be built. Along those lines let me say that our new building should be built for ministry rather than comfort; for serving the community rather than our convenience; for a multitude of uses on a myriad of days. A building that accomplishes those goals will indeed glorify the Lord!

Let’s allow the Lord to bless as we make his work our priority.

We Labor Together With God,

Congregational Informational Meeting

Please join us Sunday Evening, January 27, 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall as the Steering Committee presents a proposal and goal that will move us out onto the property by the end of this year, 2013.

If you are unable to attend and would like the update please contact the Church office. We will attempt to set up another informational time or we will share with you personally.

All members and friends of Walnut Street Baptist Church are encouraged to attend.

Open Hands

It wasn’t that long ago that we decided to move on from downtown. It was a difficult decision to make. Many of you can recount the struggles, prayers, and angst. However, the decision made overwhelmingly to move, the Lord provided a piece of land on old highway route 13 and on December 31, 2008 we closed on the property at the price of $289,000.

Immediately we began paying it off, and building on it, and meeting there whenever we could. The value of the volunteer hours of so many individuals cannot be over stated. Not only had we voted to move we were making commitments to move.

When I wrote last week’s article about the plans being made to move forward and claim the land as soon as possible I had no idea that the balance owed on the property would be paid off completely. It has and we rejoice.

Thus far through this journey I am reminded that God’s people, like the Israelites at the Red Sea, have to step forward in faith into the raging waters. The Lord is able to make a way where there is no way. Also, commitments aren’t just made once or voted on once; they are made or broken each and every time we have an opportunity to move forward. What’s more, I am reminded that the hand of God moves through his people’s open hands. The Lord provides the resources; we are the stewards of the Lord’s bounty. It is from our pockets and our sweat that he Lord’s vision will be realized.

With the property paid, moving onto the land becomes the next immediate consideration. In the coming days, by the end of January, the steering committee will present information and then offer a proposal to meet the goal of moving onto the property by year’s end. If approved, the plans will proceed, and with the Lord’s leadership the building will soon begin.

In the meantime we are not just waiting; we are praying asking the Lord to show us our part in making this a reality. We each have a part because it is through our open hands that the Lord is glorified and our communities are made better.

We Labor Together With God,

Looking on the Horizon

At the end of the year we sing, “Auld Lang Syne” – “For the sake of old times.” We reflect back on the year that was, and reminisce for the sake of old times. As the New Year unfolds, it is a healthy exercise to look forward to the opportunities and the challenges that lie before us and identify what is on the horizon.

What are the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead of us this year as we fulfill our purpose of leading non-believers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ?

As I look on the horizon I can identify several. I look at every challenge as an opportunity and every opportunity as a challenge. We face financial, building, ministry, spiritual, teamwork, and outreach challenges and opportunities this year.

However, from my perspective, there is one over arching opportunity and challenge ahead of us this year. Our greatest congregational opportunity and challenge is utilizing our property in a way that will enable us to best fulfill our purpose.

So, here is where the Lord has led me. You may not be where I am, but know for certain that this is the direction I am leading. We have made the decision to move, we have found the place to move to, so now we need to move. We need to claim the land with our presence. We need to move out there by the end of this year. Stay tuned and engaged. You will be hearing more about how this can become a reality in the coming weeks.

Obviously the challenge is great. Even more obvious is the greatness of the opportunity!

We Labor Together With God,

What Lies on the Horizon in 2013?

What are the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us this year as we fulfill our purpose of leading non-believers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ?

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